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The University of Novi Sad was established in 1960. It has more than 50.000 students and 5.000 employees and as such it is one of the largest educational and research centers in Central Europe. It belongs to the group of universities that provide a broad range of comprehensive and up-to date knowledge of almost all scientific areas. The University of Novi Sad offers 300 accredited study programmes on all study levels, undergraduate, master, specialist and doctoral studies, which are carried out on the Faculties and University Centers for Interdisciplinary and Multidisciplinary Studies. All study programmes are modern and in accordance with the development of science. Apart from the Faculties and Centers, two Scientific Institutes have an important role in creating a firm scientific base for the continuous modernization of these study programmes. The University of Novi Sad has a well-developed scientific infrastructure and an enormous innovative potential.

 The role of the iDEAlab within the institution

iDEAlab is offering a creative co-working space open for students from all faculties of the University of Novi Sad for developing their ideas with the help of many trainings, lectures, workshops about entrepreneurship and innovation. iDEAlab provides mentorship and all necessary resources including various modern technology (3D scanner, 3D printers, Arduino and LEGO Mindstorm kits etc.).

iDEAlab Vision

to see students and young researchers as potential founders of fast-growing companies , which would contribute to spreading the entrepreneurial spirit at the universities and exploitation of potential stemming from their most valuable resource, knowledge.

iDEAlab Mission

to systematically stimulate the creativity, innovation and proactivity of students and researchers to promote their talents and strengthen their entrepreneurial skills and abilities , creating meaningful connections between the University and the environment and encouraging entrepreneurial climate overall.

The iDEAlab status

iDEAlab will be set as the University Centre or will be integrated into existing Centre for Youth Entrepreneurship at the Faculty of Technical Sciences.

 The iDEAlab staff 

  • Project coordinator – coordination activities
  • Development and project management - daily operations, administration, logistics
  • Students involvement on a voluntary basis

 Target groups of the iDEAlab’s activities

There are several target groups.

The primary target group consists of direct iDEAlab - „users“:

  • Students with entrepreneurial ideas
  • Students with practical projects (bachelor, master theses, seminars)
  • Directly involved staff of the University
  • SMEs and enterprises interested in open innovation.

Secondary target group - “supporters”:

  • Entrepreneurs and potential mentors 
  • Decision makers at different levels (University, City, State).

 Tertiary target group - “followers”:

  • Staff and students of University of Novi Sad not directly involved in the project
  • Staff and students of other universities in the region interested in the project.

 (Potential) iDEAlab  partners

 There are some potential partners inside and outside of the University.

Inside the University those are many students organisations, some other compatible projects, University centres and Technology Transfer Office. Outside the University potential partners of the iDEAlab are companies from the Business Incubator, companies from VOICT, stakeholders from the business sector, so as the several NGO’s, local government and entrepreneurial, industrial and scientific community, and, of course, other Universities in Serbia and abroad.

 The iDEAlab specific services/activities

iDEAlab offers:

  • Trainings, lectures and workshops in the field of entrepreneurship and innovation coaching, mentoring and counselling
  • Networking with entrepreneurs
  • Organising entrepreneurial events
  • Networking with companies through Open Innovation concept
  • Integration with teaching process (practical part)

  The iDEAlab opportunities and risks/challenges


  • Large number of students  of different backgrounds  in University campus
  • Cooperation with highly developed IT sector
  • Commercialising iDEAlab services for non-academic community   
  • Greater involvement of iDEAlab in teaching process
  • Applying for new projects

   Action steps to achieve sustainability

  • Including iDEAlab in teaching process further
  • Applying for new projects in order to upgrade and further develop  iDEAlab concept
  • Implementation of Advertising Campaign
  • Presenting iDEAlab to VOICT member companies
  • Organising entrepreneurial events
  • Become a part of  FabLab and similar creative networks
  • Become a part of Science-Technology Park of the University