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University of Donja Gorica is a private university set on groundings of entrepreneurship and entrepreneurial research. UDG studies put strong emphasis on quality of knowledge, but even more on students’ skills how to use that knowledge. University’s mission is: Student must not look for his/her own job, but to create it! One of the important advantages of UDG is that it is developing multidisciplinarity. Of course, the fact that they are in a modern building, all together, students of ten undergraduate study  programs, about 25 postgraduate and 3 PhD programs, or close to 2,000 students, allows the synergistic friction of various occupations and professions. Many foreign teachers and managers praise studing at UDG because they are not massive studies.


The role of the iDEAlab within the institution


iDEAlab is part of laboratories which are used to encourage and enable young individuals of Montenegro to develop their ideas and create jobs of their own. Given that new technologies and modern equipment may be used to enhance the quality of teaching at the University, iDEAlab is involved in study programs (primarily in study course Entrepreneurship and Innovation, the obligatory course at all 13 faculty units at UDG). iDEAlab is the only 3-D laboratory in Montenegro. The laboratory is open for all students of 13 faculties at UDG. All UDG faculties are within one building (17.000 sqm). iDEAlab is located on the second floor of the building: “Creativity and innovation floor” (PRODE lab; Art centre; Apple lab; Fashion design lab). Open 24/7 for students and staff, as a building. For security causes, iDEAlab is kept locked, and appointments for its usage must be made. Having that UDG is planning to develop a business incubator within its premises, iDEAlab will become part of it and will serve for creation and development of business ideas of young Montenegrin population. This will be the first business incubator at university in Montenegro, therefore, it will crucially affect the education system of the country. In addition to that, UDG is known as an entrepreneurial university with all the necessary tools for development of business ideas. As such, it indirectly influences the economy of Montenegro by decreasing unemployment rate of the young population of Montenegro.


iDEAlab status


According to the Decision of the Council of FIEFB (7th September 2015), UDG iDEAlab is legally established as the laboratory of Faculty for International Economics, Finance and Business. Pursuant to this decision, the laboratory is open for all the students, teaching assistants and professors of UDG and is settled in University premises at second floor intended only for users of iDEAlab.


iDEAlab staff


UDG iDEAlab staff composition:

  • Technical service staff of UDG (for preservation and servicing of the equipment)
  • Professors and teaching assistants from the field of business and engineering (for tutoring students to use iDEAlab equipment and develop their ideas)


Target groups of the iDEAlab’s activities


UDG iDEAlab target groups are:

  • Students of Bachelor studies of all study programs at University of Donja Gorica, given that entrepreneurship, is grounding for all curricula at UDG;
  • Teaching staff of UDG willing to develop business ideas and open companies with students;
  • Young entrepreneurs of Montenegro willing to start their business.


(Potential) iDEAlab partners


iDEAlab partners within the University:

  • PRODE lab – laboratory for product design (grant of World Bank) at Faculty of Polytechnics (via joint development of projects)
  • Other laboratories at UDG and all UDG faculties, given that development of entrepreneurial ideas, is promoted within all UDG faculty units

iDEAlab partners outside the University:

  • Agreement on cooperation with business and industry sector
  • Agreement on cooperation with government bodies (Investment and Development Fund of Montenegro (IDF MN), Ministry of agriculture…)


iDEAlab specific services/activities


  • Lectures and workshops in the field of entrepreneurship and innovation
  • Mentorship – the group of individuals who will work with students and mentor their ideas
  • Participation in various student projects and business forums: The Youth School for Entrepreneurship and Innovation (held on every January), The Market of entrepreneurial ideas (held on 9th of May)...
  • Entrepreneurial tribunes
  • Business plan competition
  • Cooperation with the laboratory PRODE- product design laboratory, as well as other laboratories at UDGBusiness plan competition,
  • Cooperation with the laboratory PRODE


iDEAlab opportunities



  • Entrepreneurship as strategic goal of University of Donja Gorica        
  • Greater involvement of iDEAlab in study programs      
  • Regional cooperation with other universities/business incubators      
  • Absorbing additional funds when developing project ideas for new Calls for proposals
  • Cooperation with the industry and business sector
  • Development of UDG business incubator