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iDEAlab at Technical College of Applied Sciences in Subotica



College’s of applied sciences in Subotica was established in 1960 in the field of mechanical and electrical engineering. Following a successful accreditation process in 2007, the College became Subotica Tech – College of Applied Sciences. It has expanded it’s scope of activities, to include the following new study programs: Mechanical Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Informatics, Mechatronics and Technical Communication Management at BSc and BSc-specialization levels. In the past 50 years, the College has earned its reputation as one of the best engineering education institutions in the region, making its employees rightfully proud. Education is the main activity of this College. Our professors and assistants work with the students in order to promote critical thinking, independent problem solving, and applying the attained knowledge in practice. The school has 74 employees and the total number of teachers and staff are 47.


The role of the iDEAlab within the institution


iDEAlab is a creative co-working space open for students Colledge of Applied Sciences in Subotica as well as to provide adequate spacing and equipment for giving some specific courses to the students as well as to help them to finish their diploma work.

Students and other potential iDEAlab users are able to develop their ideas through the mentorship work with the experienced mentors, trainings and lecturing. Modern technology such as a 3D scanner, 3D printers, Arduino and LEGO Mindstorm kits, etc are available.

iDEAlab also offers trainings, lectures, workshops about entrepreneurship, innovation.


iDEAlab status


iDEAlab is established as school laboratory.


iDEAlab staff


  • The academic and technical staff in Subotica operates the iDEAlab.
  • At the moment we do not have plans to hire any additional professional staff.
  • Students are involved on a voluntary basis



Target groups of the iDEAlab’s activities



  • Students with entrepreneurial ideas
  • Students with practical projects (Bachelor, seminars)
  • College stuff
  • SMEs and enterprises interested in open innovation
  • Entrepreneurs and potential mentors
  • Local government
  • Local companies
  • iDEAlab established cooperation with the Regional Center for Talented Children, so they can be also our target group i.e. our future students and potential future users of iDEAlab.


(Potential) iDEAlab partners


  • Student organizations
  • Other compatible projects
  • Other centres that operate within the college
  • Local government
  • NGOs
  • Local entrepreneurial and industrial community
  • Subotica ICT cluster


iDEAlab specific services/activities


  • Trainings, lectures and workshops
  • Coaching, mentoring and counselling
  • Networking with entrepreneurs
  • Organising entrepreneurial events
  • Networking with companies through Open Innovation concept
  • Integration with teaching process


iDEAlab opportunities



  • Help students to transform their ideas into the functional model of their future product through some mentoring
  • Establish connection between students and companies by finding their mutual intere
  • Involve all interested students to actively participate in developing their ideas through the iDEAlab platform
  • Transform entrepreneurial knowledge and ideas into applicable entrepreneurial projects