WP1 - Modelling iDEAlab

WP1 - Modelling iDEAlab

The activities in WP1 aim to develop iDEA lab as a new model of a public-private-people partnership suitable to the WBC context. The model will be based on co-creative and supportive environments which will enable students and young researchers to generate, develop, market and commercialize their own innovative ideas through entrepreneurial rout (start-ups) or in collaboration with companies (open innovation).

The iDEA lab modelling will be based on reviewing best practice from EU regarding living labs, idea incubators, and business accelerators and assessment of local entrepreneurial and industrial needs for trainings and services at WBC. At least 50 (20 for living labs, 20 for idea incubators, 10 business accelerators) best practice case studies from EU by M5 and at least 250 interviews with students and 250 with industry, entrepreneurs, SMEs, policy-makers from WBC by M5 will be analyzed in order to develop iDEA lab model for WBC.

1.1 Reviewing best practice from EU

1.2 Assessing local needs for trainings and services

1.3 Developing iDEA lab model for WBC