WP4 - Dissemination

WP4 - Dissemination

The activities in WP4 aim to ensure dissemination of project results. DEG will be in charge of all activities related to diffusion and exploitation of the project process and results. These activities will involve all consortium members at each level and will be performed during the whole duration of the project. However, especial role will have students’ and non-governmental organizations. Overall project visibility will be promoted by unique visual identity. Web site will offer all relevant materials and information related to the project: iDEA lab model, equipment and services available, set of trainings, successful stories and upcoming trainings. Principal dissemination activities will take place in RS, BA & ME (in BHS), but main info & summaries of activities and results will also be available in English. Brochures, iDEA lab guides, flyers and posters will be printed and spread to target groups as well. The range of actions (targeting students & young researchers; professionals & companies; not directly involved teachers, students & HEIs) will be designed to promote main results of the project-iDEA labs and their network; ViDEA; set of developed trainings, regional Market for Ideas as well as RSC &RPC, revised curricula, new teaching materials. Besides numerous info days, promo lectures and networking events, main dissemination activities will be: regional students’ start up competition (M35, RSC) and regional practitioners’ conference (RPC, M35). Project results will be presented to all stakeholders and public at large. The main project activities will be promoted in printed, electronic and social media.
PMT will monitor and evaluate realization (visual identity, web site maintenance, events schedule, students participation, media choice; diversity of promo materials), while QG will control quality of results (number of: visitors to web site & social media, participants in info days, RSC &RPC, events & their distribution; press clipping).

4.1 Developing and maintaining the project web site

  • Project website was developed and launched on June 2014, being regularly maintained and updated (www.idealab.uns.ac.rs). iDEAlab website ensures continuous internal and external communication and presentation  to partner institutions, as well as to all stakeholders and wider public the project goals, activities, main structure, achievements, events and many others details linked to project implementation and impact.
  • During the project implementation UNS as a project leader, realized that this website is not very user friendly for students and iDEAlab users, so we decided to develop one more website in BHS language, being more interactive and adapted to students and iDEAlab programmes and events (http://idealab.rs/).

4.2 Developing and publishing promo material

4.3 Organizing dissemination and networking events

4.4 Running WBC students’ start up competition

4.5 Starting up annual regional conference