WP5 - Exploitation

WP5 - Exploitation

The activities in WP5 aim to ensure exploitation of project results and their long term sustainability. They will develop strategies (M6-M13) applicable at institutional, national and regional level to develop capacity to deliver main project results (iDEA labs and their network; set of developed trainings, Market for Ideas) long after the end of the EU funding.

In addition to secured premises for iDEAlab, acquisition of necessary equipment & staff skills, and creation of trainings, institutional sustainability will be achieved through inclusion of iDEA lab in teaching process from M28. It will be supported with development of adequate teaching materials by M27. This will enable students at large to become an integral part of new product and venture creation and thus to enhance own employability.

Financial sustainability will be ensured though active partnering with companies and/or regional/local governments. iDEA labs successful in the first will become living lab for developing user-driven open innovations.

5.1 Developing sustainability strategy

iDEAlab sustainability Banja Luka

iDEAlab sustainability Zenica

iDEAlab sustainability Novi Sad

iDEAlab sustainability Zrenjanin

iDEAlab sustainability Subotica

iDEAlab sustainability Podgorica

5.2 Including iDEAlab in teaching process
5.3 Partnering with companies and governments
5.4 Applying for membership in the ENoLL