WP6 - Quality control and monitoring

WP6 - Quality control and monitoring

The activities in WP6 aim to ensure monitoring and quality of project processes and results. These activities will be based on regular bi-monthly reports prepared by local teams and submitted to Quality Group (QG) and to PMT. These reports will quantify achieved results and executed budget, and help to detect gaps between what was intended and what is actually achieved. PMT will report to SC semi annually. Annual SC meetings will help in reviewing work progress, assessing quality and financial flow and directing further actions. Besides reporting and meetings, monitoring will be secured by regular meetings with national Tempus offices. Every local team with assistance of PMT will develop contingency plan in order to successfully and timely achieve key milestones (presented in WP7).

Based on quality control (QC) system developed by QG (M3) all processes and results will be checked. Two steps to ensure quality of are planned: internal review among consortium members and external review by independent experts. These steps will be implemented from the early phase in order to secure sufficient time for improvements. Second important element of QC is feedback of iDEA lab users (surveys of students, companies & trainers) about satisfaction with conditions in iDEA lab and services. Regular evaluation surveys of students and other iDEA lab users will be conducted.

6.1 Establishing quality control system

6.2 Internal and external quality control and monitoring

Field visits to 6 iDEAlabs by WUS:

Overall quality control and monitoring by WUS:

6.3 Evaluating iDEA lab programs and conditions

Overall external evaluation:

External evaluation of 1st iDEAlab regional conference report:
External evaluation report:

6.4 Exchanging best practice with other Tempus projects