The VII Stock of entrepreneurial IDEAS at UDG

Traditionally, UDG organized 7th International Stock of Entrepreneurial Ideas on the Europe Day, 9th May 2017. This year, the Stock gathered 30 highly successful Montenegrin and European companies and institutions, that, as the demand side, made bids for the entrepreneurial ideas.

iDEAlab and The International Festival of Science and Education 2017

The International Festival of Science and Education 2017 was held on 13-14 May in the Central campus of the University of Novi Sad. The Festival was dedicated to Nikola Tesla and its main themes were electrical energy and telecommunications. The organiser of the Festival is the University of Novi Sad, while its patrons were the Provincial Government of the Autonomous Province of Vojvodina and the Provincial Secretariat for Higher Education and Scientific Research.

Idealab Industrial Assessment Fieldtrip

In order to assess the industry orientation of the different Idealabs in the Idealab project a field visit was conducted (10.4.2017-16.2.2017) to the labs with the most industrial potential. This field visit had some very positive outcome as it showed that all of the iDEAlabs visited (Novi Sad, Zenica, Donja Gorica) have been well accepted by the local Industry

iDEAlab FTN Challenge Competition - Tenth jubilee edition of a competition in solving a case study, elevator pitch and a debate

FTN Challenge is 10th in a row competition for students from Serbia that took place on the 8th and 9th of April this year, on Faculty of Technical Sciences of Novi Sad in the framework of iDEAlab project. It was organized by ESTIEM Local Group Novi Sad in cooperation with the Department of Industrial Engineering and Engineering Management. Students from three cities, Novi Sad, Beograd and Niš had the opportunity to compete this year.

iDEALAB at KONTEH 2017 - Fair of business opportunities and professional practice

Members of iDEAlab team were actively involved in providing support in order to realize KONTEH 17 – Fair of business opportunities and professional practice, which took place in Novi Sad, Serbia, during March 22-23, 2017. It was organized by EESTEC (Electrical Engineering Students’ European Association) Local Committee Novi Sad who is partners on the iDEAlab project and many professional IT companies, associations, Faculty of Technical Sciences Novi Sad and University of Novi Sad.

idealab startup campus #01 winter semester

Through iDEAlab project we developed a new innovative training program and pre-incubation period called iDEAlab Startup Campus. It is going to be organized in every semester lasting for 4 months. First iDEAlab Startup Campus was held in the period from November 2016 to March 2017. Through Startup Campus selected students had the opportunity to develop their ideas through customized training and workshops and supported by mentors and experienced entrepreneurs. The program was attended by students coming from different faculties of the University of Novi Sad. During the winter semester, students have undergone trainings in 8 different areas, which served them to develop their ideas and help its implementation. Mentoring process is of great importance for the development of ideas, and this is what all the iDEAlab tenants had a chance to use during their participation in Campus.