DaFED#27 Training programe “Inverted triangle to manage CSS projects"

iDEAlab project was involved in developing, organizing and supporting DaFED#27 event. One of the world best front-end developers, Harry Roberts visited Novi Sad on 30th October, 2014 DaFED # 27 where he presented the possibility of using the architecture of an inverted triangle that he created, ITCSS, in the management of CSS projects.

Visitors had an exclusive insight into the details of this architecture, which until now was only available to Harry’s clients, and the trainer was delighted with the size of the gathering, noting that a similar meet up in Britain would never attracted more than a dozen people. Before the lecture, Harry spoke about his fascination by CSS, his beginnings and thoughts on entrepreneurship. ITCSS was presented as "very simple meta-framework" and as a way of thinking that is used to solving problems that arise when using CSS. Some problems arise because of the language, such as depending on the order of sources, lack of expressiveness, cascades, specificity, while others are due to developer errors, and among them are the lack of knowledge of the language or project, the use of different styles, and add new styles at the end of which is a style sheet a common practice in the later stages of the project. Starting his own business Harry seen as an extremely bold move, but recognizes a catch in the worlds of business: it is difficult to find entrepreneurs who are dedicated to solve real problems.

See Harry’a lecture here:


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