DaFED#28 Training programe “Design and front-end development"

iDEAlab project was involved in developing, organizing and supporting DaFED#28 event. Twenty-eighth DaFED was held on 3rd December, 2014 in Novi Sad. An hour and a half was reserved for the design and front-end development and Bjeletić Maja and Andrej Mlinarević carried us out through their work.

Maja Bjeletić is graphic designer with years of experience in working with vectors and through the lecture she answered the question "How to be a good vector?". Working with vectors requires highquality softwareand in industry the most popular are Adobe Illustrator, CorelDRAW, while some less used alternative Inkscape, DrawIt SK1 for Mac and Linux. At the very beginning of her lecture Maja recommend to anyone who wants to be engaged in the graphic design to practice in variety of programs until they find what suits them best.

See Maja’s lecture in its entirety:

Designer in Croatian company Mono, Andrej Mlinarević, gave a lecture on scalable web typography with the help of SASS. Andrej focuses on designing web and mobile user interface, and is actively working in the areas of UX, UI, SASS and risponsiv web design and web typography. Andrej presented Typomatic 2, a tool for managing and scaling of Web typography with the help LibSass. Before the other versions, Andrej created Typomatic 1, which was intended for Sass and Compass. Typomatic 2 is, in his words, twenty times faster than other tools for Sass. Some of the characteristics of this management toolkit are: configurable Sass mixin, freedom from addiction, ease of management and the realization of vertical and changing rhythms and PX / REM support.

See Andrej’s lecture:


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