DaFED#30 Training programe “User testing"

iDEAlab project was involved in developing, organizing and supporting DaFED#30 event.

Project iDEAlab gathered a large number of visitors to DaFED#30 event, who wanted to learn more about how to incorporate user experience in product and why product testing at all stages of development is required, but also to indicate importance of product test.

Lecture by Martin Nauman (Archilogic, Zurich) "User testing without going bankrupt," began with a simple question: Why the user experience even matter? In his lecture, Nauman has put emphasis on the importance of communication with our customers, especially for startups, in order to appropriately respond to market demands, and in second place, how to place product on market in the best possible way.

If you have not had the opportunity to visit DaFED, at this link you can see Martin’s lecture:

The different techniques that can be implemented in order to gain a better understanding of users were explained by Darko Čengija (UX Passion, Zagreb) in the lecture "Principal techniques and User Experience," which is particularly useful for those related to the software industry. Whether it comes to mobile applications, Web site or software product’s success often depends on one simple fact, which is how Čengija pointed it out "there is no average user," while it is up to you to find out who your users are.

If you do not have the answers to these questions, see the lecture of Darko Čengija:


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