DaFED#31 Training programe “Mobile App Development"

iDEAlab project was involved in developing, organizing and supporting DaFED#31 event, which was held on 1 April in the Conference Hall of the Faculty of Technical Sciences in Novi Sad in the sign of Mobile App Development.

The first lecture that the April DaFED visitors had the opportunity to hear was iOS for Android developers (and vice versa) Nemanja Maksimovic (Exec Novi Sad), which is professionally engaged in programming for 8 years. Nemanja in his lecture, through a comparative approach, analyzing the dominant mobile platform, showed how and in what way the experience of working with one can be transferred to another platform. And what is it that developers must overcome? In the first place Objective C. Much of iOS is written in the C programming language, and very often will be in object code inserted elements of the programming language directly. What to expect from Objective C? What mean the square brackets? What does @ for iOS? What is the counterpart to the interface in Java? How to define a class? What changes with the new programming language, SWIFT? How much is challenging working in iOS platform? What you should know about INTERAPP communication?

These are questions that Nemanja answers:

The second lecture was given by Mladjan Antic, one of the founders of Creative BLGRD and program director of the Academy of iOS, iOS Offline application, showed that the challenges of synchronizing server and client applications and how to solve them. As the technology evolves and mobile communication channels mature, there is more and more challenges in the field of user experience. In January, the number of downloaded applications from the Apple Store had reached 10.3 million per day. When and if the application cannot communicate with the server, bad user experience is the risk that no company does not want to be exposed to.

See Mlađan’s lecture:

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