iDEAlab at 43th DaFED

iDEAlab at 43th DaFED

iDEAlab is still involved in developing, organizing and supporting DaFED, which came to its 43th event.

The last time there was one lecturer Igor Spasić, who was speaking about asynchronous future and vertex and review of principles of asynchronous programming. He also showed what novelties Java8 brings considering that kind of programming.

The list of web sites where were links and logos of DaFED partners published, which include iDEAlab, are Netokracija - leading Southeastern European media brand dedicated to digital business and technology, Startit – place of knowledge, innovation and inspiration dedicated to the local IT community, IT dogaÄ‘aji - info service for local IT community on ICT developments in the country and the region and Mreža Kreativnih Ljudi – Network of Creative People is international project dedicated to creative people from all fields who are doing something concrete.

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