iDEAlab at KONTEH 2016

iDEAlab at KONTEH 2016

iDEAlab had its stand at Fair of business opportunities and professional practices KONTEH during March 16-17, 2016 where students of University of Novi Sad could be informed about what kind of space iDEAlab is and what will they be able to do there.

A lot of visitors where interested to hear when they could use iDEAlab, students of which study programs can use iDEAlab, is it only meant for software ideas, how are ideas going to be realized, how they can be involved in making an idea real, how will ideas be evaluated, how will students be picked to get in iDEAlab, who is going to take credit for ideas and who will be the mentors.

During two days of the KONTEH we were taking contacts of interested students. Now we are communicating with them and we called them to join Startup Weekend that we organize for the third time. The idea is that the three best teams from Startup weekend be the first residents of iDEAlab.

KONTEH brought together 26 companies, mainly with IT orientation, TV, radio and news channels, Faculty of Technical Sciences Novi Sad, University of Novi Sad, Geekstone, National Employment Service, EESTEC LC Novi Sad and iDEAlab.

We also communicated with people from companies in order to show them iDEAlab concept and organize a meeting where we will talk about how we could collaborate in the future.

KONTEH is organized by EESTEC (Electrical Engineering Students’ European Association) Local Committee Novi Sad who is partners on the iDEAlab project and many professional IT companies, associations, Faculty of Technical Sciences Novi Sad and University of Novi Sad. KONTEH15 was organized in order to help students gain more insight about their business opportunities in Novi Sad after they finish their studies, to introduce them with people who work in their field of practice and for the first time teach them about entrepreneurial thinking.

KONTEH goals shifted from only hiring students and allowing them to find professional practices to teach them about entrepreneurial skills, how they can start their own business, how to find people who can guide them and pushing them to think and generate ideas.

Member of iDEAlab team from Novi Sad doc. dr Petar Vrgović held a workshop “Confidence in communicating”. Students found out how to lead the conversation, how to compromise, what is assertive communicating, active listening and how to reduce stage fright.

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