iDEAlab FTN Challenge Competition - Tenth jubilee edition of a competition in solving a case study, elevator pitch and a debate

FTN Challenge is 10th in a row competition for students from Serbia that took place on the 8th and 9th of April this year, on Faculty of Technical Sciences of Novi Sad. It was organized by ESTIEM Local Group Novi Sad in cooperation with the Department of Industrial Engineering and Engineering Management. Students from three cities, Novi Sad, Beograd and Niš had the opportunity to compete this year.


“This competition is a challenge for students who want to apply their knowledge in practice and to compete against students from other prestige faculties in Serbia”, Novica Obradović, former participant.

FTN Challenge is a competition in three disciplines - solving a case study, elevator pitch and a debate. There were 6 teams in Case Study disciplines 4 teams in Elevator Pitch and 5 teams in Debate. 

In Case Study solving part of the competition, teams received a case study with detailed description of current state and tasks of a company. The teams had 4 or 5 hours to work on a solution, during which they have been isolated in a classroom with no access to the internet or their mobile phones. In the end, they handed over their solution to the organizers.  The following day, the teams had 20 minutes to present their ideas to the judges and the audience, after which there were 10 minutes meant for the judges to ask their questions based on a presentation. Case study winner was the team “Nešta” - Igor Bogojević, Katarina Golubović, Natalija Perković and Filip Tomić.  The team “Start” took second place and the team ‘’Breskva’’ took third place.

In Elevator Pith discipline, teams had 4 hours to work on an idea that would solve a real–life problem. After that they need to present the solution to the judges in 60 seconds, with the goal of persuading them that their idea was the best. After the presentation, the judges have 10 minutes to ask some questions.The winner was the team “FAM” - Brajan Brković, Milena Vještica and Mladenka Bajić. The team “Naissus” took second place and the third place was taken by the team “EKSERI”.

 Discipline Debate represents a formal discussion where two opposing sides needed to deliver their arguments on different standpoints about a certain topic, following formerly stated rules. The Debate was in American Parliamentary format. Teams were consisted of two members, president and a member of the government, or a team leader and a member of opposition.

The debate winners were Miljana Pavlović and Ivana Kordić, team named “2”, the team “Privatni sektor”  took second place and the team “K&M” took third place. 


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