iDEAlab FTN Challenge Junior Competition - High school competition in short presentations of ideas and debate

FTN Junior Challenge is a competition for high school students held on 1st and 2nd of April at the Faculty of Technical Sciences of Novi Sad. It was launched in 2015, by ESTIEM Local Group Novi Sad, in cooperation with the Department of Industrial Engineering and Engineering Management.

"The concept of the competition is phenomenal and we like that the creativity of young people is appreciated. Topics are adapted to our age and we think it’s great to be introduced in something like this and maybe something more serious later on."- last year participants from the team "Pravi izbor".


The competition is dedicated to high school students of  III and IV grade who had the opportunity to compete in two disciplines - Elevator Pitch (brief preliminary presentations), and a new discipline from this year - Debate. There were 11 teams that competed in the discipline Elevator Pitch this year, and 4 teams in Debate.

In Elevator Pitch high school teams were composed of 3 members and they have had 4 hours to come up with the idea that would resolve some situation from the real environment. They presented their idea within 60 seconds in front of the expert jury, and they were supposed to convince them that their idea is the best idea. In the discipline Elevator pitch the winner was the team ’2B1G’ ’- Nikola Hrubenja, Mila Bokan and Luka Zeljković from the High school "Svetozar Markovic". The team ‘’Grafovci’’ from Technical school "Mileva Marić Ajnštajn" took the second place and third place went to the team ’’2 bozona i fermion’’ from the High school "Jovan Jovanović Zmaj".

Discipline Debate represented a formal discussion where two opposing sides need to deliver their arguments on different standpoints about a certain topic, following formerly stated rules. Teams in this discipline were composed of 2 high school students, the leader and the member of the opposition. The winner in the discipline Debate was the team ‘’Dr. Spin’’ - Jovana Darmanović and Danijela Janus from the High school "Svetozar Marković". The team ‘’Merlinke’’ from the SSŠ "Dr Radivoj Uvalić" from Bačka Palanka took second place and the team ‘’Espada’’ from High school "Svetozar Marković" took the third place.


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