Idealab Industrial Assessment Fieldtrip

In order to assess the industry orientation of the different iDEAlabs in the iDEAlabs project a field visit was conducted (10.4.2017-16.2.2017) to the labs with the most industrial potential. This field visit had some very positive outcome as it showed that all of the iDEAlabs visited (Novi Sad, Zenica, Donja Gorica) have been well accepted by the local Industry. On the fieldtrip, a structured Interview was carried out in order to assess the potential and cooperation with Industry.

On Tuesday, 11.04.2017., Jens Schumacher visited UNS iDEAlab for SFC field visit of laboratory. Meeting was held in premises of iDEAlab. Attendees of the meeting were project coordinator Vladimir Todorović, project assistant Danijela Ćirić, iDEAlab tenants Marijana Topo and Nina Šešlija.

On Wednesday, 12.04.2017., Jens Schumacher visited UNIZE iDEAlabs at the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, Faculty of Medicine and at Students Centre. Project results are presented by UNIZE representatives Darko Petković, Malik ÄŒabarkapić, Lamija Subašić, Denis Spahić and Fuad Hadžikadunović.

On Thursday, 13.04.2017, Jens Schumacher visited UDG iDEAlab for SFC field visit of laboratory. Meeting was held in premises of Laboratory. Attendees of the meeting were dean of Faculty for International economics, finance and business (FIEFB), prof. Maja Drakic-Grgur, prof. Dragana Radevic, professor of Entrepreneurship and Innovation course held at all UDG faculty units and MSc Marija Radunovic, teaching assistant at FIEFB, UDG. The visit was beneficial for UDG staff in defining long-term strategic goals of development of iDEAlab and planning the action steps for further cooperation with industry.

In summary all iDEAlab s show a very good cooperation with industry while at the same time fulfilling their main task to train students in the area of entrepreneurship. All iDEAlabs have realistic sustainability plans in place which should guide them through the next 2 years, however through the successful submission of new and successful project proposals there is little doubt that the iDEAlabs will prevail much longer than the 2 years laid down in the existing sustainability plan. Given the current challenging economic environment in the countries visited, the industrial achievement is therefore quite remarkable.

In order strengthen the sustainable cooperation between Industry and Idealab the recommendations are made by SFC in the report.

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University of Zenica_iDEAlab industrial assessment 

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