iDEAlab organizes Android app development workshops

iDEAlab organizes Android app development workshops

iDEAlab in Novi Sad organizes together with a local IT company Execom series of workshops about developing Android mobile applications. Execom did a selection of 30 students, which had a little foreknowledge about programming, who now started with workshops.

Themes of workshops are Android native SDK, Android annotations, material mesign, SQLite & ORMLite and networking & rest. Every workshop lasts for 4 hours and the idea is that experienced but young programmers teach students about tools that will make their work easier, how to learn and which techniques to use when developing Adroid apps.

The aim is to provide active and practical knowledge. The final workshop will be Execom hackathon where students will work in teams and make Android apps.

Idea is to bring together companies and experienced young people with students in order to show them how it really looks like in a working environment, but also to teach them the basis of certain field so they can learn more themselves at home.

During these workshops creativity and ideas of students will be nurtured and that is why iDEAlab is a part of the program.

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