idealab startup campus #01 winter semester

Through iDEAlab project we developed a new innovative training program and pre-incubation period called iDEAlab Startup Campus. It is going to be organized in every semester lasting for 4 months.

First iDEAlab Startup Campus was held in the period from November 2016 to March 2017. Through Startup Campus selected students had the opportunity to develop their ideas through customized training and workshops and supported by mentors and experienced entrepreneurs. The program was attended by students coming from different faculties of the University of Novi Sad. During the winter semester, students have undergone trainings in 8 different areas, which served them to develop their ideas and help its implementation. Mentoring process is of great importance for the development of ideas, and this is what all the iDEAlab tenants had a chance to use during their participation in Campus.

Trainings and workshop organized within the first iDEAlab Startup Campus:

1. WORKSHOP "MANAGING CREATIVITY" (21.12. 2016. I 28.12. 2016.) 

In December 2016, tenants of IDEALab had the opportunity to go through the most important stages of creating ideas and creative thinking. During the first meeting, participants were practicing creative problem solving techniques, which are used in different phases of  the business enterprise. During the second meeting they worked on ideas that have been created on the previous meeting, and their elaboration and implementation. The workshops were led by Phd Petar Vrgović, lecturer at the Faculty of Technical Sciences in Novi Sad. Thanks to his ample experience, he has helped tenants to perceive their ideas from different angles and to apply to them creative techniques and methods they learned about.

2. 3D PRINTING TRAINING  (13.01.2017.)

In January, tenants of ideaLab-a got the opportunity to go through the training on 3D printing, even though it was not mandatory. 3D printing (3D print) is a unique process of printing a true three-dimensional objects of all shapes. Almost all the tenants attended the training, mainly because they can use this training in the future for realization of their ideas. The training was held  by Dejan Morvin.

3. WORKSHOP ‘’HOW TO PITCH’ (1.02.2017.)

Jelena Stanković, assistant at the Faculty of Technical Sciences at the Department of Production Systems, Organization and Management, led the workshop ‘’Public performance’’. During the workshop, tenants of  ideaLab got the opportunity to hear some useful advices concerning the development of public speaking skills and presentations creating, to help them to be prepared to provide a clear picture of their idea any time. Often, the success of an idea depends only on the manner of its presentation, given that fear of public speaking is one of the most prominent fears, participants of the workshop was very useful to hear the things you should pay attention to when preparing for public speaking .

4. WORKSHOP ‘’TEAM WORK’’ (4.02.2017.)

"What is teamwork?", "What is the difference between a team and a group?", "Why is teamwork important?" These are just some of the topics that were discussed on a workshop held by Maja Stančetić. Due to the fact that most of the participants is working on realization of their ideas with some other people, pointing to the motivation and positive effects of teamwork is very important. Participants of the workshop experienced the importance of teamwork through interactive exercises in a practical way,  and they got the chance to realize which are the qualities that are necessary and suitable to be surrounded by people who are part of a some team and why teamwork is good for personal and business development.                                                                                                                                                 


On the workshop ’’Development of a business model and value proposition’’, guest lecturer Dr. Djordje Celic, spoke about the importance of a business model for the development of a successful business to tenants of  ideaLab . At the workshop,he explained to  the participants how to make a business model, what are all his segments, and his differences with a business plan. Through a three-hour interactive program, tenants got some very useful advices about how and in what way they should relate to their ideas and why it is important to create a true  business model. Through their his practical examples, Dr. Celic helped participants to better perceive the advantages and disadvantages of their ideas and he also recommended some literature that could help them to develop their own business.



Customer development workshop was held by Ivan Kovacevic from SEEICT organization which is based in Belgrade. Thanks to the fact that he himself initiated several startup’s and faced with a number of challenges during the implementation of his ideas, talking with tenants of ideaLab’s about their experiences, he pointed the important role of Costumer development and the importance of research and testing of potential users of their products.
Ivan pointed largely to mistakes which can be made made when someone is starting a startup’s, especially since he himself had occasion to experience it during the development of his ideas.
Customer development is a concept that helps to the potential users or customers of the product to receive appropriate answers and guidance with the help of which we could gain a clearer picture of whether what we imagined in its original form actually has the application or not. This workshop was very useful because some tenants were not informed about the importance of this concept and its use for the development of ideas.


The workshop was held by Tamara Colic-Milosavljevic from the Center for Technology Transfer at  the University of Belgrade. Tenants of iDEALab had the opportunity to hear more about how and in what direction should develop their idea, the concept of intellectual property, and get feedback on the state of the market concerning their current ideas.


The workshop was led by University Professor Dragan Kukolj. During a three-hour lecture, tenants of iDEALab found out about what types of intellectual property rights exist, why it is important to protect them in any way possible, what conditions must be satisfied to see a patent application, what is the procedure for grant of a patent as well as the advantages and deficiency of patenting. After the theoretical part, the tenants were presented best known portals to search for patents in order to investigate whether their ideas are already protected in some format.


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