iDEAlab workshop at KONTEH in Novi Sad

iDEAlab workshop at KONTEH in Novi Sad

Member of iDEAlab team doc. dr Petar Vrgović held a workshop "Confidence in communicating" at Fair of business opportunities and professional practices KONTEH in Novi Sad. About 30 students participated in the workshop where they learned how to lead the conversation, how to get to an agreement i more about assertive communication, active listening and stage fright reduction.

The workshop was interactive and students were talking about their problems in communicating and how to overcome them. Some of the most common problems which lead to poor articulation of thoughts are stage fright, stubbornness and not listening of others, fear of making mistake etc. Students tried to work on reduction of stage fright, by acknowledgement of its existence and understanding that a person can fight the stage fright only by prepared presentations of situations that are socially demanding. Strong oratory skills of all participants were identified, with the empowerment of the group.

During the workshop iDEAlab was also presented. Students found out how they could use that space and how will first residents be admitted – through Startup Weekend. Given that at the Startup Weekend teams of students should present their ideas, workshop about confidence in communicating connected the activities of iDEAlab, KONTEH fair and Startup Weekend.

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