Promotion of iDEAlab on KONTEH 2015

Members of iDEAlab Project team were actively involved in developing, organizing and providing support in order to realize KONTEH 15 – Fair of business opportunities and professional practice, which took place in Novi Sad, Serbia, during March 25-26, 2015. It was organized by EESTEC (Electrical Engineering Students’ European Association) Local Committee Novi Sad who is partners on the iDEAlab project and many professional IT companies, associations, Faculty of Technical Sciences Novi Sad and University of Novi Sad. KONTEH15 was organized in order to help students gain more insight about their business opportunities in Novi Sad after they finish their studies, to introduce them with people who work in their field of practice and for the first time teach them about entrepreneurial thinking.

Main focus of the workshop was on:

  • Introducing students to various companies that are established in Novi Sad
  • Organizing one to one conversations between students and company representatives
  • Teach students how to write good CV and offer them the opportunity to give those CVs to companies so that they can hire them in the future
  • Offering students trainings about soft and hard skills
  • Offering students various workshops on entrepreneurial thinking

KONTEH15 brought together:
  • 24 companies including Microsoft Development Center Serbia, Levi9, VegaIT, Execom, Devtech and many more, who are one of the strongest IT companies in Serbia
  • Various TV and News channels
  • Faculty of Technical Sciences Novi Sad
  • University of Novi Sad
  • Business Incubator of Novi Sad
  • DaFED Association
  • National Office of Employment
  • EESTEC LC Novi Sad and people from iDEAlab

For the first time after 9 years of KONTEH15 goals shifted from only hiring students and allowing them to find professional practices to teach them about entrepreneurial skills, how they can start their own business, how to find people who can guide them and pushing them to think and generate ideas.

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