The VI Stock of entrepreneurial IDEAS at UDG

We are glad to inform you that on The day of Europe, 9th of May, The VI Stock of entrepreneurial ideas was organized at UDG. Additionally, this international Stock was supported by our project iDEAlab.

The Stock of entrepreneurial ideas strives at giving a chance for many business ideas to become reality, considering the fact that unfortunately majority of them remain unrealized. The key goal of The Stock is to awaken the entrepreneurial spirit of young people and make them capable of recognizing the good business idea for investment and realization. This year, we are proud that we gathered 30 very successful Montenegrin companies and institutions, on the demand side which were ready to buy and invest in ideas of young entrepreneurs.

The demand side of the Stock was made of the following companies: ComTrade, Plantaže, Cungu&Co, Goranović, Voli, Nal International, Krušo, Franca, Čelebić, Montenegrin Securities and Exchange Commission, Solar, Montenegro Business Alliance, Ministry of agriculture and rural development, Municipality Podgorica, Zetagradnja,, SBC, Nimont, Statistical office of Montenegro- MONSTAT, Montenegrin investment promotion agency, Montenegrin Investment development fund, Business logistic centre Podgorica, Institute for entrepreneurship and economic development, Freedom & Entrepreneurship Foundation, Azmont Investment.

This year, University of Donja Gorica has received over 150 applications from college and high school students ready to present their idea, from the country and Europe. Given the big number of ideas, The Stock of entrepreneurial ideas team has decided to pick the best 11 out of them (TOP 11). The creators of ideas got the chance to present them, but also to enter the Ideas book, within which there are two lists (according to the quality of idea): A and B.

The idea which impressed the audience the most was gluten free cream (traditionally called "pašteta"), made of sweet and sour ingredients coming from the northern and southern part of Montenegro. This idea raised the biggest amount of money from the demand side.

TOP 11 ideas:

1. Polytechnics office


3. Bake & Co

4. A mediation agency in the search for nanny

5. Website for employing high school students

6. Field Lover (Field for rent)

7. PIU billboard

8. Smile magazine

9. Smart Key

10. Reclock – recycleyour time

11. Montenegro on bread – the more you put it on bread, the faster you will eat it


The rest of ideas are in the 6th edition of "The Book of ideas".

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