The VII Stock of entrepreneurial IDEAS at UDG

Traditionally, UDG organized 7th International Stock of Entrepreneurial Ideas on the Europe Day, 9th May 2017. This year, the Stock gathered 30 highly successful Montenegrin and European companies and institutions, that, as the demand side, made bids for the entrepreneurial ideas. Some of the companies that made the demand side were: Plantaže 13. Jul, Voli, Čelebić, Zetagradnja, Krušo company, Meet industry Goranović, Franca, Com Trade, Cungu&Co, Ministry of agriculture and rural development, Securities Exchange Commission of Montenegro, the Municipality of Podgorica, Montenegro Business Alliance, CEED, BB Solar, Azmont investments, PLC Moraca,, University of Donja Gorica (UDG), Student Business club (SBC), as well as certain number of individuals. Turnover of The Stock of Entrepreneurial Ideas 2017 was 13.500eur. This year, applications for The Stock of Entrepreneurial Ideas came from different parts of the region and Europe. Two of them (participants Slovenia, GEA College) were ranked as top 11. The competition was attended by around 300 people and was reported via 7 media representatives.

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